Our Team

Dr. Stacy Blain

Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer and acting CEO has over 20 years of experience in cell cycle biology and cancer research.

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Jason Mraz

Co-founder and Business Advisor has over 20 years of investment management and start-up financing expertise.

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Dr. Dominique Bridon

Chief Development Officer has over 30 years of C-suite executive and scientific leadership.

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LisaMarie Casey

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer has over 25 years of business development and start-up operating expertise.

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Dr. Grace Chen

Research Scientist has over 8 years of experience in immunology and cell signaling research.

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Dr. Irina Jilishitz

Passionate, goal oriented, hard working and highly collaborative scientist.

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Sean Larkin

Director of Finance and HR

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Scientific Advisors

Keren Paz, PhD

CSO, Stelexis Therapeutics

Gary Schwartz, MD

Division Chief Hem/Onc, Columbia University Medical Center

Neil Rosen, MD, PhD

Molecular Pharmacology and Chemistry Program, MSKCC

Andrew Koff, PhD

Molecular Biology Program, MSKCC

Geoffrey Shapiro, MD, PhD

Director, Early Drug Development Center
Dana-Farber Medical Center

Daniel Heller, PhD

Nanomedicine, MSKCC