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Breast cancer remains a significant burden on human health. Almost 250,000 US women will be diagnosed this year and approximately 40,000 women will die. ER/PR+ (endocrine responsive) Her2- tumors occur in approximately 90,000 breast cancer patients each year, of which 20,000 develop drug resistance. For these patients, despite advances in available drugs, the best existing solutions do not provide durable arrest of the tumors. The patient becomes resistant to the drug and overall survival rates are unchanged.


Concarlo Holdings, LLC (Concarlo) is an oncology company focused on diagnosing and treating cancer by targeting a unique cellular pathway. Our approach is based on the role of p27Kip1 — a key “ON-OFF” switch that modulates the activities of critical proteins involved in many cancers: CDK4, CDK6, and CDK2. Concarlo is commercializing therapeutics to treat metastatic cancer alongside a diagnostic to identify patients who will respond to therapy.

Our Team


Keren Paz, PhD

 CSO, Stelexis Therapeutics

Gary Schwartz, MD

Division Chief Hem/Onc, Columbia University Medical Center

Neil Rosen, MD, PhD

Molecular Pharmacology and Chemistry Program, MSKCC 

Andrew Koff, PhD

Molecular Biology Program, MSKCC

Geoffrey Shapiro, MD, PhD

Director, Early Drug Development Center
Dana-Farber Medical Center

Daniel Heller, PhD

Nanomedicine, MSKCC


RESI Innovator’s Pitch Challenge Winner

Concarlo wins the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge at RESI Jan 2021!

US biotech start-up set to have huge impact on breast cancer treatment landscape

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TigerTalks in the City:
How Genomics Are Driving Novel Therapies

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2019 Social Enterprise Conference

Stacy Blain was a panelist at Columbia University’s Social Enterprise Conference.

WE NYC Women in Tech Conference

Stacy Blain was a panelist at WE NYC’s annual summit, Female Founders Disrupting HealthTech, at the New York Genome Center.

NYU Female Founders Forum

Stacy presenting on April 12, 2019.

Impact Journals: March 2019

Click here to download the manuscript:
Tyrosine Phosphorylation of p27Kip1 Correlates with Palbociclib Responsiveness in Breast Cancer Tumor Cells Grown in Explant Culture

Proactive Investors Interview

At the 11th Annual Biotech Showcase in San Francisco

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18 Women to Watch in 2018

Features Dr. Stacy Blain, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Concarlo Holdings

SUNY Downstate Medical Center Press Release

SUNY Downstate Startup Company Secures Over $1 Million in Seed Funding Investment for Advancement of Proprietary Cancer Companion Diagnostic Test

Newsday Business Article

LI venture capital fund invests in NYC biotech startup

Impact Journals: Oncoscience May 2018

Click here to download Stacy’s article:
Targeting p27 tyrosine phosphorylation as a modality to inhibit CDK4 and CDK2 and cause cell cycle arrest in breast cancer cells.

Molecular Cancer Research Journal
March 2018

Click here to download Stacy and Priyank’s article:
Dual Inhibition of CDK4 and CDK2 via Targeting p27 Tyrosine Phosphorylation Induces a Potent and Durable Response in Breast Cancer Cells

Going Through It Together

Stacy and Catherine’s Grand Canyon Hike

Student Visit from EDsnaps

Increasing diversity in the Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Workforce

Research Associate Sarah Teed, M.S. welcomes young students to learn more about Concarlo’s mission.





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